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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Like many tour companies in the Golden Isles and elsewhere, we get our fair share of the frequently asked questions. Below are the commonly asked questions either through social media direct messengers, email, or over the phone.

1) Are your tours children/kid-friendly?

Yes, our tours are all children/kid-friendly. Be aware that the ghost tours may have sudden loud noises that could scare younger children. See the driver or tour guide before departure.

2) Are food and beverages are allowed during the tours? And if yes, what about adult beverages?

Yes, food and beverages are allowed. Our requirement for alcohol is that you must be of legal age in the United States, 21 or older. No minors can be giving alcohol under any circumstances. Cans are preferred for safety over the glass when possible.

3) What should I bring with me while on one of your tours?

We suggest that you always bring family and friends to start. Other suggestions include bringing a camera, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, towel to sit on the boats because there are no cushions, snacks, and beverages.

4) What is the situation with COVID-19 and your tours?

We offer open-air vessels and trolleys. Masks are not mandatory in the state of Georgia, only recommended. We follow the guidelines set in place by the Coast Guard and the Georgia Department of Transportation. You are welcome to wear one aboard. We do our best to allow for social distancing. Lighthouse Trolleys Land and Sea Tours can offer private family tours of up to 15 persons if you prefer both land and sea tours.

5) When it comes to tipping, is it allowed? If yes, what is the average?

By all means, if you enjoyed your boat captains and tour guides, tipping is much appreciated. Tips are split if there are two such as a driver and guide. The average tip should be $3-5 per person in your party. Bring along some cash. Keep in mind, tips are not expected but much appreciated.

6) Where do I meet my tour?

Several locations depending on the tour booked. Here are the tours and where to meet your guides:

Dolphin Tours, Sunset Cruises, Inshore Fishing, Shark Fishing Charters, and Private Boat Tours meet at Morningstar Marianas off the F.J. Torras Causeway, St. Simons Island. For GPS use the following address: 206 Marina Drive, St Simons, GA 31522

St. Simons Trolley Tours and St. Simons Ghost Tours depart from the St. Simons Island Pier District. Parking can mean a short walk—the trolley parks in front of the St. Simons fishing pier area.

Jekyll Island Trolley Tours and Ghost Tours Jekyll Island meet in front of the Beach House Restaurant & Tap Room on Jekyll Island. The GPS location to use is the following: 715 N. Beachview Drive, Jekyll Island, GA 31527.

Private Tours, Group Transpiration, and Wedding Party Shuttle Service/Private Tours:

This information is provided when you book and can vary depending on your location.

7) Are your tours year-round?

Yes, our tours are year-round and can vary depending on the season and weather. Of course, we do not control the weather, and tours can be canceled because our guest safety is a priority. Trolley tours may be switched to enclosed buses for safety, and we reserve the right to make that call.

8) What can I expect?

We hope that you have fun and learn some new things in the process! We do not guarantee dolphins or other wildlife or the sightings of shrimp boats, cargo boats, etc. We do not guarantee that sites will be open to visitors such as Christ Church on St. Simons Island. Our guides and boat captains are knowledgeable, and if they cannot answer your question, they will do their best to find you an answer or guide you to someone that can.

9) Are your tours dog friendly?

The trolley tours are dog friendly for both St. Simons and Jekyll. We ask that you call to book your reservation over the phone and let them know you have a dog that is joining you. Dogs must be on a leash the entire time. We require, for the safety of staff and other guests, that large dogs wear a muzzle. Please note that if your fur baby joins us on one of the ghost tours, that there can be unexpected sudden noises.

10) Are masks required on tours and what about social distancing?

Before booking you will have to agree to a message similar to the following:

If you have symptoms of COVID, you may be denied boarding. Per the Department of Transportation guidelines, our guests are not required to wear masks. We do not require social distancing as it is impossible on a tour vehicle and to separate the suggested CDC guidance of 6' per persons.

All of our staff has been tested for COVID and are negative. Our trolleys are open air with full shade. All our vessels, the Puddle Shuttle and the Mrs, Hilliard, are open-air. Due to the nature of conducting a tour business, we have the right to choose to use an enclosed VIP tour bus, for land tours.

At the end of each trip our vehicles and vessels seating and handrails are sanitized. Your boarding our tour is your personal choice. Private trips are offered for those concerned with co-mingling with the general public. You can reach out to Cap Fendig via email at or call (912) 638-3333 for more information or to book a private tour.

The Golden Isles of Georgia is a unique experience with a diverse ecosystem and history spanning back to Native Americans. Our mission is to provide a safe way to explore St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island in a fun, educational approach, see the sites, hear stories, and walk away with a wonderful lifetime memory. We hope we covered some of the questions you might have had. If you have other questions, please call (912) 638-3333 or email Cap Fendig at

Updated: January 16, 2021.


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